Who are we?

Wayne and Lynne Deeth

We take responsibility for the Elouera Vale camels (also known as 'Southern Highlands Camels') and turkeys. With over 30 years of experience with small farm holdings we love what we do. We have been working with camels since 2003 (you need to talk to us about our first camel trek with Phil Ghee).
Lynne also has a passion for bees and honey.

Matthew and Kara Simmons

We take responsibility for the Elouera Vale sheep, cattle and also poultry. We have a passion for sustainability and being 'off-the-grid' and love working on the land. Working with our animals brings us a lot of satisfaction. We believe the farm is a great environment to raise our family of two young children.
Matt is a licensed carpenter. He is also a metal fabricator and creative problem solver with anything to do with farm work.

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